Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Piper's Favorite Spot/Thing

Lately when I've needed a nap I've popped Elmo's World into the DVD player and plopped Piper in bed next to me. Now Elmo's World is my way of getting a shower. Today when I got out of the shower Piper would not get out of our bed to get dressed. So I let her watch the rest of the DVD and when it was over she climed down and came out to get me. I took her into her bedroom and got her dressed and when we were finished I told her to go play, instead she walked into the livingroom and threw a fit. I kept asking her what was wrong and what she wanted and she wouldn't give me an answer. Finally I asked her if she wanted to watch Elmo again. She said yes and now she's back in there watching Elmo's World for the 2nd time today. So now her new favorite spot is Mommy and Daddy's bed watching her favorite thing... Elmo's World!

Saturday April 12

On Saturday we went to see the new parade at Hollywood Studios. It's called Block Party Bash. It was a lot of fun. Piper really enjoyed it!

The music was starting, Piper got excited and was looking around to see where the parade was coming from.
Clapping along to the music!
A hug for Jessie!