Thursday, January 10, 2008

Garlic Plants

A week and a half ago I was making dinner and I needed some garlic. So I go into the fridge and take out the bulb that I knew was in there from the last recipe that called for garlic. I go to take out a clove and there's shoots growing out of almost every clove. So I call up Grandma and Grandpa Guarino and ask if I can plant them and how. They gave me instructions and a couple days later I planted them. It's only been about a week since then... check out how big they are already. I know you all probably don't care and would rather see pictures of Piper, but I was excited!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Big Girl Bath!

Saturday Piper took her first "Big Girl" bath. That just means that she's not in the baby tub anymore, she's in the regular tub! She really loved having tons of room to splash around and play. I love the second "action" photo where the two was in mid-air as she threw it above her head!