Monday, February 01, 2010

Dr. Appt and Target Photos... January 28

Casey's one year check up was this past Thursday. He's doing great developmentally. He's now 19 lbs and 28in long. He had a double ear infection and is on some amoxicilin, it totally explained the ear pulling, but we had thought it was just another tooth coming in. He seems to be doing better already. Everything else checked out normal!

We also had his pictures taken at Target. They came out great! Click the link below and use Kristie Kirsch as the guest name. Then click "Click Here" in the middle to check them out!

Casey's First Bithday... January 25

Casey's birthday was a very low key day. Daddy had to work and Mommy was not feeling well. So before Daddy headed to work (and Mommy headed to the dr) Casey opened a few presents from Mommy, Daddy and Piper. Casey spent most of the day playing with new toys and cuddling with Mommy to help her feel better.

Casey's First Birthday Party.. January 24

Casey's birthday party was last Sunday at Bear Creek Recreation Complex. It's a park with a great playground and a nice pavillion that we rented for the day. It was a great day for the party the weather was very nice, but unfortunately very windy. We all had lots of fun celebrating Casey's first birthday!

Monkey Smash Cake
Jungle Cake
Family Birthday Photo
Am I allowed to touch it?
Are you sure this is ok Mommy? Here I go!
Hmm this is pretty good!
Piper waiting for her piece of cake!
Do you want some Mommy?
He LOVED his cake!
Checking out a fun card!
Opening a present!
Piper helped Casey with all the wrapping paper!

Januray 14... Funundrum

Just like every year, we received tickets to the circus from Jeff and Susan. The show this year was called Funundrum. We got there early to go down on the floor and meet some of the performers, try on costumes and see some pre-show acts. We all agreed that this was the best year by far; the best costumes, best acts (even some really cool new ones) and best choreography! The kids loved it and we all had lots of fun.

Haley and Piper trying on costumes
Handsome Clowns!
Mommy and Daughter Clown!
Waiting for the show to start!
This is how he spent the majority of the 1st half of the show!
Enjoying the second half
Everyone after the circus!
Family Shot!