Monday, November 17, 2008

A Day at Magic Kingdom

Today we spent the day at Magic Kingdom. Mommy and Daddy's friend, Debbie, was visiting from Colorado with a couple of her friends. We went to the park early, before we planned to meet our friends so that we could go visit the fairies for the first time. Piper was excited to meet Iridessa, Tinkerbell and Rosetta. And even better, one of Mommy's good friends was very good friends with Tinkerbell. We also got to see Uncle Jeff, who was good friends with Captain Hook in the Mickey's Dream Come True Show. And right after that show we headed over to watch Story Time with Belle. Another of Mommy and Daddy's friends, Stewart, is in town for a few days to be good friends with Belle in that show. We were very excited to see it! Belle even picked Daddy out of the crowd to come play the part of the Beast and we got to see her afterwards. We spent the rest of the afternoon at Magic Kingdom riding rides and enjoying the company and beautiful weather. We left the park so that we could make it over to Chef Mickey's at the Contemporary right as it opened. We couldn't get reservations, but were hoping if we got there right away, they would take us as a walk up. We were in luck and only waited a few minutes! So we got to enjoy a great dinner with all our favorite character friends! We had such a great time today!

Smiling wth Iridessa
Chatting with Tinkerbell
Posing for a picture!
And now Rosetta's turn!
A big roar from the Beast
Part of the show!
Dancing with Belle
He turned back into the Prince!
Meeting Belle
Family time!
It's hard to see, but that C up above my head says Casey's Corner!
Smiling with Minnie!
Piper, Daddy and Puppy aka Pluto!
Family Photo with Mickey
A kiss for Goofy

Sunday, November 16, 2008

28 weeks (7months)

Today is the 28 week/7 month mark. As of last week dr. appointments are now every 2 weeks instead of once a month (this week is the off week). And at last week's appointment, my belly was still measuring right on track and Casey's heartbeat was right where it should be. I also took my glucose test... if anything is off (my dr. thinks I'll pass w/flying colors) I'll hear this week, so that I can go take another test. His little arms and legs are getting very strong and my back pains are getting worse. But otherwise everthing is fine. Piper still loves talking to him and now tells him that she's gonna give him a bottle and a noodle (pacifier) and show him the rubber ducks, when he comes out of Mommy's belly.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween Night

Our neighborhood always has very few lights on Halloween night. So we got ready at home and headed over to Mama and Bapa's neighborhood. When we got to their house there was an extra special trick or treat bag with lots of goodies waiting for Piper. She didn't really want to go trick or treating at first, but we convinced her that she would like it. At the first house when they answered the door Piper said in a very quiet unsure voice "trick or treat." But by the 3rd house she was excited to say "trick or treat" when they opened the door. She got lots of treats and was really excited. When we got back to Mama and Bapa's house, she helped Mama pass candy out to the other trick or treaters and said hi to all of them. Last year we went trick or treating at the mall, so this was Piper's first door-to-door trick or treating experience. She really enjoyed it!