Friday, January 30, 2009

A Trip Out

Last night we headed out to Target. We needed a thermos to warm bottles for late night feedings. We ended up getting a bottle warmer instead cause they didn't have a thermos we liked. And we also needed to pick up a few food items that we were running low on. So Casey's first outing was to one of our favorite stores!

Cool Man!
Oh the faces he makes!
Piper helping to push the stroller
Such a cutie!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


(Yesterday) Well as I said we headed to bed to TRY and get some sleep. But Casey just wouldn't have that. He was up VERY frequently needing a diaper change or a feeding or just wanting to be held. She we didn't get too much sleep. But at around 8am they came to take Casey to the nursery to get ready for the pediatrician to make rounds. He was in there for close to 2 hours and we both got a little sleep then! Soon after, the pediatrician came to talk to us. A little bit later it was hospital photo time. And then we got word that my doctor was on her way. So Casey headed to the nursery to get ready for his circumcision and PKU test. After she was done with the circumcision, my doctor stopped by to tell us everything had gone well and to check on me. Now we had the all clear to go home. Once Casey got back from the nursery we started getting ready to go. When we left the hospital, we headed to Mama and Bapa's to pick up Piper. We ended up eating dinner there and when we got home it was bed time. Casey did much better sleeping at home. Only one feeding, one diaper change and a couple fussy times.

Early morning cuddling with Daddy
Finally his eyes are open!
Getting dressed and ready to go home
Big yawns!
Big sister holding her new little brother!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Full Day in the World!

Casey's first day in the world was fairly eventful. He started the morning with a visit from his big sister Piper. She walked in gave him a gift that she had picked our for him and then said, "I want my Mama." And tried to walk back out of the room. She was really unsure of what to think. She did help Mommy give him a bottle for a couple minutes and held him for about 2 second. Then Mama and Bapa came in to meet him. Our next visitors were Grandma and Grandpa Stevie. They left to head back home at lunch time. After lunch Mommy and Casey napped while Daddy showered, then Mommy showered while Daddy and Casey hung out. We all relaxed, watched TV and made computer updates for the rest of the afternoon. Shortly after dinner time some more visitors arrived. First Kelly, Rey and Rian came and spent some time with us. Then JenJen stopped by for a little bit. After visitors had left, Mommy did some homework and we all decided to TRY and get some sleep.

Meeting for the first time.
Wings and a halo on his lower back, just like Mommy!
Family of four!
Meeting Mama!
Piper's helping Mommy with the bottle
Grandma and Grandpa Stevie
Rey, Rian and Kelly
JenJen's visit!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Casey Alexander Kirsch

My induction was scheduled for January 25 at 9am. My doctor offered me an induction and I have been so ready that I just took it. It was originally scheduled for January 30 at 11:45pm, but another dr had an emergency and had to switch on call weekends with my doctor. So we rescheduled and this was what was available.

So we arrived at the hospital around 8:30 am. By the time we got settled in our labor and delivery room and answered a million questions, the oxytocin wasn't administered until 10am. My doctor came in pretty much at that same time and broke my water as well. Things were moving pretty well, an hour later I was 3-4cm (I started out at 2cm). By around 3-4pm I was at 5-6cm and doing well. That was the point they decided to call my dr's nurse mid-wife, Cecelia (she would be delivering). With Piper, once I got to 6cm, my water broke and she was here 2 hours later, everyone was expecting a repeat preformance, so they wanted her here and ready. Well around 9:00 when I was still only at 8cm, we sent everyone home. We wanted Piper to be the first to meet him and she needs her sleep. He was being so stubborn! At 9:30 I was at 9cm, but not quite ready to push. Not too many contractions later, they checked again and I was ready! And just like Piper, 4 sets of pushing and he was here! Overall the active labor really wasn't that much longer than Piper's, it just felt that way. And at least I wasn't pushing long!

So, we'd like to announce the birth of Casey Alexander Kirsch; Born on January 25 at 10:08pm. He weighed 7lbs 7oz and was 20 in long. He is happy and healthy and much more mellow than his big sister (who in case you were wondering was 6lb 2oz and 19 1/4in).

But our story doesn't end here. I was checked very frequently and my uterus just wasn't contracting back to normal size. After a few hours they gave me a medicine to help and I also tried breastfeeding to move things along. An hour later, no such luck. More medicine and back on the oxytocin. A little before 2am they were satisfied with what was going on and had me order food while still in the labor and delivery room (the kitchen closes at 2:30 and I hadn't eaten since before we arrived). Once I finished eating, we were finally able to head up to our Mother and Baby room. It was 3:00am by the time we were settled in. I managed to doze for an hour or so, but woke up a while ago and couldn't get back to sleep. I am still on an IV of oxytocin, just to be sure that things continue. On the way up, Casey was dropped off in the nursery for a bath and some time under the warmer. He should be back any minnute! Ryan is sleeping now, so thankfully one of us is catching up on our sleep.

We are so excited for Piper to meet him in the morning an for everyone else to meet him too. We were so busy being exhausted and making phone calls that we didn't get a lot of pictures. We promise there will be more but here is one for now!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Zing Zang Zoom

Every year for Christmas our friends, Jeff and Susan get everyone tickets to the Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey Circus. Last night we all went to see their tour of Zing Zang Zoom. We got there early enough to go down and enjoy the floor show. Piper really enjoyed the show. She laughd a the clowns during some parts and loved watching the dogs, horses, zebras, elephants and tigers. On the way out we saw some other friends; Kelly, Rey and Rian and walked to the cars with them. It was a lot of fun, we can't wait till next year!
Trying on a circus costume!
Piper's favorite parts; the elephants...
... and the tigers!
The finale... more elephants!
The finale singers!
Everyone (L to R) Mikki, Brody, Daddy, Piper, Mommy, Jeff, Haley, Susan, Kim and Dustin
Family Shot
Piper and Rian holding their Daddy's hands on the way to the cars!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

36 Weeks and Ready!

As of today I am 36 weeks (9 months). At 35 weeks I was considered full-term. That means if I were to go into labor now, they wouldn't try to stop it. I am now going to the doctor every week until I deliver. At this past week's appointment I was 1/2 cm dilated and nothing else really had much progression toward labor yet. The doctor said that is exactly where I should be, but I was hoping to hear that I was much closer. Of course, things could be completely different now, as things can easily change overnight. I'm walking as much as my back allows me hoping that it will help get me closer to labor. Of course, the back pains have only worsened as it gets closer. I have been getting braxton hicks occasionally; at least a few each day, but yesterday afternoon I had about 4 in a little over an hour's time. I've also been completely exhausted, needing a nap with Piper pretty much everyday. I'm really just ready, I want him here and I don't want to wait too much longer. Piper still talks about him all the time and seems to be excited. I try to talk to her everyday about what will happen when it's time for him to come out. I tell her where she's going to stay and that she will be able to visit us etc. I think at this point we've done as much as we can to prepare her, now we just have to hope for the best. Well, everyone keep your fingrs crossed for an early (and safe/healthy) delivery! We'll keep you posted and of course pictures will be posted within hours of his birth (there's wi-fi in the hospital).