Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Visit to The Cuse!!!

Ok, here it is! the long awaited pictures from our trip North! Mommy and the kids packed up and hopped on a plane with Mama. The purpose of the trip was to surprise Grandma for her 80th birthday. We arrived on Wednesday and went over to Grandma's Thursday evening to see her. Mama went in first with Aunt Tina and a few minutes later, right on cue, Mommy and the kids rang the doorbell! Grandma was so excited! The next night we all had dinner together at Santangelo's where Grandma got a few more surprises; Aunt Lorraine, Paul, Jen, and baby Ella! Saturday we had a cookout at Grandma and Grandpa's house where Grandma got one more surprise; Bethany, Brittany, Becky and Aunt Terri! We had so much fun and are so glad that we got to surprise Grandma!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Piper's 4th Birthday

Daddy took the day off for Piper's birthday! First thing in the morning we headed off to the Studios for a Play n Dine breakfast. One of Mommy's favorite friends Goliath was leaving the parks for good a few days later, so we decided this would be a good opportunity to visit him one last time. Casey was actually very into the characters, instead of afraid this time and we all had a lot of fun! After breakfast we went to see Playhouse Disney and visited a few characters before we headed over to Blizzard Beach. We spent the afternoon sliding, splashing and riding the lazy river. This was the first time that Casey liked the water. He splashed and played without clinging to us! Piper of course loved it and couldn't get enough of the slides! We headed home just before the rain came in/shortly before dinner time. Casey was asleep before we even got out of the parking lot and Piper followed suit shortly after. Piper loved every second of the day and we're so glad we could give her such a great birthday!

Goofy had left a birthday message for her in guest relations!
Birthday Diva!
Family Photo
"make a fish face"
Dancing away!
We'll miss you Goliath!
Hugs for JoJo
A kiss for Leo
Bear Cha Cha Cha with June
Play n Dine Family!
Visiting Jessie
Splish Splash!
Tube ride!
Mommy's turn on the slides!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Piper's 4th Birthday Party!

We had Piper's 4th Birthday Party at home this year. We were really nervous about the weather and having it at a park. And we didn't want to spend a small fortune at an indoor playplace. So, we bought a bounce house and had some fun in our front yard!

Piper's Scooby cake!
Piper insisted that she needed to have a Freddy cake!
Her very own bounce house (well and Casey's too)
trying it out before all their friends showed up!
Sand/water table fun!
Some of the girls bouncing away!
Piper and her cakes!
Happy Birthday to you!
Scooby Dooby Do!