Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dr Appt and Halloween Party

Casey is finally on the right track! He's now 17lbs 1oz and 27 1/4 in long! He jumped above the curve that he had started last check up and is almost back to his original curve. The doctor was so happy with his growth and his activity level. Now we're able to start giving him some more solid foods like Cherrios, cubed cheese, rice cakes, etc. So I think he'll really enjoy that since he loves putting everything in his mouth. Plus Piper has been dying to share a Cherrio with him!

Last night we went to Kim and Dustin's annual Halloween Party. We had fun, but only managed to take one picture the whole night. So here it is! There will be more pictures of our Halloween festivities this weekend and hopefully some better ones of the kids!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Casey is 9 Months Old!

Well, we've made it 3/4 of the way to one year with 2 little muffins! Casey turned 9 months on Sunday (so yes, I'm a couple days late posting). He's such an active little guy. He just doesn't sit still! He's still pulling up on everything, but is taking his hands off a lot and stands on his own when you set him down. And his balance is getting really good, he's standing up for quite some time now before he plops down on his butt. He's babbling more and more, but still only has a few words in his vocabulary. He likes to point at everything, it's so cute (I tried to get a pic, but of course when I had the camera out he wouldn't point at anything). He still tries to do everything his big sister does and you can tell he just loves her so much! He has his 9 month check up tomorrow, so I will update with measurements after that. We'll also be debuting our Halloween costumes at a party tonight, so there will be pictures of that as well... enjoy the few pics was able to get of Casey this month!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Parent Observation Day at Dance

Today Mommy and Daddy got to go into Piper's dance class and watch the whole thing. We took tons of pictures and video clips. She was so cute, but such a ham with all the cameras in front of her. Here are the best photos and 2 of the clips! Enjoy!

Getting ready to stretch; Piper and Ilyeta Stretching! Getting ready to follow Miss Emily; Hayley, Ilyeta, Priscilla, Tyslyn, Leigh and Piper Pointing to the heel taps Marching out the door!