Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dance Class!

Yesterday was Piper's first dance class. Mommy did a lot of research to find a really good studio and one that wasn't too far from home. Daddy took her to register for class about 2 weeks ago and she's been asking about when she gets to dance ever since. She was really excited (and so was Mommy) for her first class at In Motion Dance Project. Her teacher Miss Emily was very nice. Piper got to do ballet and tap. She loved tap, probably just because of all the noise she got to make. We weren't able to watch, but we knew she had fun cause she came out of her class with a huge smile on her face. There are only 2 other girls in her class (at least for now), so she'll get a lot of attention and learn very quickly. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of their little dancer!

Casey is 7 Months Old!

Yesterday Casey turned 7 months old! He is more active than ever! There's no containing him; he crawls everywhere and wants to do everything Sissy does. A few weeks ago (8/4) he pulled himself to standing using Mommy to hold onto. Now he's pulling up on everything and just wants to stand constantly. He's not sitting on his own yet. He'll "surf" for a few seconds before he wobbles and falls over. But he does well with just a little bit of support (or something to hold on to). He's eating like such a little pig, he LOVES his solids. He won't drink his juice yet, cause he has trouble with the sippy cup (you're not supposed to put juice in a bottle, so that he doesn't get used to that and then refuse his formula from a bottle). He'll get the hang of it eventually though. The separation anxiety has kicked in full swing and if Mommy is anywhere nearby, he wants her! He is just so amazed by his sister and watches her every move. He is always smiling, you just have to smile at him and he'll smile right back. He babbles quite a bit, but this morning he said his first word; Dada. Daddy had just left for work shortly before and I think he was wondering where he went. He still loves cuddling and being held and rocked to sleep. Enjoy the photos of our big little man!

Coming to get you!
Hoping that sissy will come open the door and let him play with her
Thanks Piper!

Piper is showing him how the garage works!

7 Months Old!

A smile that melts hearts!