Saturday, July 25, 2009

Casey is 6 Months Old!

Today Casey is 6 months old! Can you believe we're 1/2 way to a year?! At his check up on Wednesday he was 13lbs 1oz (YAY) and 24in (just ok, dr said it's not quite up there where it should be, but good enough for now). He's gotten into an exceptionaly grabby stage; he loves to grab hair (especially Mommy's and Piper's, luckily Piper think it's funny) and glasses (especially Mommy's and Daddy's). He finally figured out the cereal and has been doing other solids for a few weeks now. He's liked everything so far (knock on wood). He's head over heels for his sister, he wants to do everything she does and be wherever she is. And she loves it when he's allowed to go into her playroom. He's gotten so much better at the army crawling and is so fast. He's getting into everything already. He's even been getting onto his hands and knees and rocking forward and backward... he'll be real crawling any day now! He spends 90% of his time on his belly or side, he just loves it. If he's on his back, he's usually kicking like crazy and waving his arms all over. He found his feet a few weeks back (6/30) but doesn't play with them enough for me to get a picture yet. His feet are probably the only thing he grabs that don't make it into his mouth. Which is why one of Piper's most frequently used phrases is, "Caaseeey, don't put my toys in your mouth!" He gets really mad when you move him away from something or take things away from him. He loves cuddling and being held as much as ever... already showing signs of separation anxiety... a bit earlier than Piper went through it. Well, here are some pictures and a video clip, enjoy!

Turn up the volume, he's a loud an messy eater!

Messier than his sister ever was!
Finally holding his own bottle!
6 Months Old!
Hands and Knees!
Sibling love <3
Trying to get his toys back from his sister!
Trying to get his noodle back in his mouth everyway except the right way

This and That

None of these really warranted their own post, so here are the highlights of the past few weeks.
Fell asleep on the naughty spot
My handsome getting some fresh air
JenJen's 30th Birthday Cake (there was a 3-D "30" but it broke during transport)
Me and my FL best, JenJen
Little Firefighter
Cake for Anne Marie's Grandma
Ok, so Piper was told to put on her pajamas, she cried and whined that she couldn't do her shirt herself (she can, she does it all the time) after more than an hour (I try not to give in with her especially cause she's going through her "Terrible Threes" and she's very stubborn) of Mommy saying that she wasn't going to help and that Piper was a big girl and could do it herself, this is as far as she got beore falling asleep on the couch
For the past month and a 1/2 Daddy has been rehearsing 3 night a week for Encore. This is something he's done 7 out of the 8 years that it's been around. It's a Disney Cast (and family) Choir and Orchestra. I went to see the show last night with Mom and I have to say, it was probably my favorite of the 4 years that I have seen it. This year it was Revolution; Songs of the 60s and 70s. Awesome! Daddy is in the front row to the left of the guy wearing the hat. (This is a little less than 1/2 of the choir.)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

On the 4th of July, we usually head over to Epcot and watch the fireworks from a nice table in Mexico. Well this year Mommy had to work at Fantasmic, so that wasn't a possibility. So we had a small cook-out instead. Jen was the only one who was able to come during the day, but we had fun. We played some ladderball until the rain came, then we headed inside and played some Wii and ate salad until the storm passed. Once the rain stopped, we cooked some burgers, dogs and corn. Then the rain started again... ick! Just before Mommy headed out for work, Kelly and Rian came and not too long after Uncle Jeff, Aunt Susan and Haley arrived. They spent the rest of the evening inside playing Wii cause it was a little too rainy. There were 2 shows of Fantasmic, so in between the shows, Mommy headed up to the top of Fantasmic mountain with some friends and was able to watch both the fireworks at the Studios and Epcot. Unfortunately it was difficult to hear the music from the Studios fireworks and we couldn't hear the music from Epcot at all and much of the Epcot presentation was too low to see, but still an amazing view of the higher stuff!

Friday, July 03, 2009


Daddy had the day off in celebration of the Independence Day. So we decide to (finally) go see Up; the newest Disney movie. Piper didn't enjoy it as much as she did Bolt. But Mommy and Daddy loved it. Casey was amazing in the theater. He slept for a while, woke up made one little peep and was given a bottle. After he finished the bottle, while he was being burped he kept craning his neck to see the screen. He got to watch the last 20 minutes or so. Then we headed over to the studios to meet the characters. When we got there, they weren't out yet, so we went to see Mickey while we were waiting. A friend of Mommy's was helping out Mickey, so that was very nice for Casey's first Mickey visit.
Levi's Ad! (waiting for his shirt to finish drying)
Future Mouseketeers
When's the movie gonna start?
Meeting Mickey!
Dug, Russell, Carl and Piper