Monday, December 28, 2009

And Finally... December 25... Christmas Day

Christmas morning started at 8am (a little later than we thought it would) when Piper woke up. We found gifts in our stockings, opened gifts from Santa, played with some new toys and watched a little of the parade. The grandparents came over around 11... Piper was excited to show them what Santa had brought. We all had a nice brunch, opened more presents and waited for the chance to spot Daddy on the ABC Christmas special. The rest of the afternoon was spent playing with new toys before Mommy left for Fantasmic.

Waiting for Daddy to get up!
Is that it?
Daddy's turn!
Mommy's turn!
And now Casey's!
A new game!
Chewing on a new toy!
Opening a present together!
From Mommy and Daddy!
Giving Sissy the wrapping paper!
This is what Mommy and Daddy got me!
Piper's letter to Santa
Playing with new toys

Watching the parade!
Presents from Grandma and Grandpa Stevie

Our best gift!
More play time!

Matching PJs!!!
Family Christmas "Morning" picture!
Our little chef!
Finally loving his rocking horse!

December 24... Christmas Eve

As always, Christmas Eve was spent at Mama and Bapa's house, Grandma and Grandpa Stevie came over and we all enjoyed a nice dinner and opening gifts!

The best attempt at getting a nice picture of the kids.
This is what she's really like ;)
Casey opening a gift!
Piper asked Santa for blocks... Mama and Bapa got them for her!
Casey got a rocking horse!
She's very particular... she always lines up everything
My Orange Creamsicle cake!

December 23... Downtown Celebration

We met the Roberts family in Celebration so the kids could exchange gifts and we could all spend a little time together. We met for dinner and then enjoyed the festivities. They have "ice" skating, wagon rides, carriage rides, train rides, it "snows" every hour on the hour and you could visit Santa. We were there for the first snow of the night, which the kids really enjoyed. Then we decided to take a wagon ride, it takes you through the neighborhood and past some houses that were decorated very beautifully.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Slowly but surely I'll be updating everything from the past couple weeks. It'll be mostly pictures with very little writing so I can get it all up for you more quickly! I've got up the first 2 posts, just scroll down, and I hope to finish up tomorrow night or Monday morning.

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December 19...Meeting Santa

Casey loved Santa... Piper of course loved him and told him she wanted more blocks to build bigger castles and a whoopie cushion.

December 18... Hanukkah

The last night of Hanukkah; lighting the candles and opening presents.

Monday, December 07, 2009

And He's Off!

This evening Casey took his first steps! He headed straight for his big sissy! She was so excited! Of course, she has no clue what she's in for now! When Daddy got home just a little while later, Casey demonstrated his new-found skills for him. And after dinner we got this video clip! Comparison; Piper didn't walk until arond 14 months... he just wants to do everything his sissy does!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Decorating the Tree

Decorating the tree went fairly well this year. The only kink in the plan was the missing tree skirt... still yet to be found! Daddy helped Casey put up the first ornament and his first ever. And then Mommy helped Piper with her first of the year. We let Piper decorate the bottom with all the non-breakable ornaments, she loved it. She didn't really grasp the concept of spreading out the ornaments, but it still looks great!