Tuesday, April 28, 2009

3 Months Old!

Saturday was Casey's 3 month birthday! These pictures were taken on Saturday, but we've been busy the last few days and I haven't had a chance to post. As I said in the last post, he is rolling both ways on his own and loving tummy time. He's taking naps in his crib, so that soon he can sleep in there overnight. He's not a big fan of the crib, but will last anywhere from 20-45 minutes, so it's a start. He loves music and likes when his big sister sings and talks to him. He loves cuddling and being held upright. He has been enjoying his play gym and has even tried out his Bumbo a little bit. He's growing so fast and we're enjoying it so much!

Snoozing in the crib
Hands in his mouth just like always
Little 3 Month Old
Chewing on his lips... who else does that?
A little smirk!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Yesterday Casey was playing in his play gym on the floor, I was sitting on the floor next to him. Piper was asleep on the couch. Casey was laying on his back kicking and wiggling. Piper started to move a little so I turned around to see if she was waking or just stirring in her sleep. I turned back around and Casey was on his belly! He rolled from his back to his belly all by himself. He loves being on his belly, so he just stayed there and fell asleep for 30 minutes or so. When he woke up he tried for a few minutes to roll onto his back again, but his arm kept getting stuck in the way. Tonight he was in his play gym again I was on the floor with him and we were doing some tummy time to show Daddy how he keeps trying to scoot forward. He was rolling back and forth; tummy to side and then all of a sudden he made it all the way over! He hit both rolling milestones right in a row. Piper made it to the belly to back milestone at a little over a month old, she HATED being on her belly. After a minute or 2 of tummy time she'd start screaming (I think that's why she never REALLY crawled). So she was real early with that one. But she never rolled back to tummy until she was 4 months old. So Casey's ahead of her there! Anyway, YAY Casey!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Joys of Raising a Toddler

As many of you have recently heard me say, Piper is almost 3 years old, but she has just started her terrible twos. Well, today is the prime example of the things she has been doing lately.

For more than a year now, Piper has picked up her toys twice a day, once before lunch and then again before bed. We do this so that it's less overwhelming in the evening, since she makes such a big mess in there. She knows where her toys go (ie food in the play kitchen, books on the shelf etc) and usually puts everything away by herself, in the right places.

Around noon Piper syas to me, "Mommy, I'm hungry." I tell her to put away her toys then she can have lunch. At 12:30 her toys still aren't away and she again tells me that she's hungry. I tell her again to put away her toys and then it will be lunch time. I also warn her that if she doesn't start putting them away she's going on the naughty spot. Well at about 12:45 she was sitting in her Elmo chair holding a stuffed bunny, not putting away her toys. So on the naughty spot she goes. She proceeds to yell "UGH" at the top of her lungs the entire time she's there. She finishes her time on the naughty spot and I send her back in her playroom to pick up.

Five minutes later she comes in and says her toys are put away. So walk over to the door and check. She had taken everything that was on the floor and hid it inside the closest places. So, I take all the vegetables out of her toy bins, and all of her toys out of the kitchen's stove and microwave and set them on the floor. I tell her to put them in the right places and also to pick up her "Little People" which were still all over the place. A few minutes later she comes back and says she's done. I check again, not quite, she had put the toys back in the stove. So I pull them out again and as I turn to go back to the couch, I notice all the balls shoved on the side of her toybox. So I pull those out. As I'm doing that I find one that she had pulled apart, there were chunks missing from it. So I throw that away as she whines that she wants her ball. I explain to her that if she wanted her toys she would treat them nicely and not break them. Five minues later she says her toys are put away. This time the really are.

It's almost 2:00 now, I give her a bowl of pineapple to start her lunch. When she finishes that I give her a bowl of tomatoes, broccoli and green peppers. She loves veggies. At 3, it looks like she's barely touched the veggies. So, thinking that maybe the broccoli is too dry I go get her some ranch dressing to dip in. She's still taking forever to eat, I'm thinking maybe I gave her too much and she's full, so I ask her if she's done and she says no. So I tell her to stop playing and eat.

About 3:30 she's still eating, but she says she has to go poopy. So I tell her to go ahead and call me when she's done. She has been potty trained for almost a year now. She goes by herself and then calls us when she's done cause she has trouble wiping herself. She has been doing this many times a day, everyday for almost a year. Anyway, after a minute or so I call to her and ask her if she's done. She says no. A minute or so later I ask again. She says, "I'm trying to go poopy, I call you when I'm done." She makes a few noises like she's trying to go, so I go back to what I was doing thinking that maybe she is just having trouble going. Now she's taking an aweful long time, so I again ask her if she's done. She says, "I can't go." So I tell her to come back out. I hear nothing. Again I say, "Piper, if you can't go, come back out here." Wait a second, still hear nothing. So I get up and head to the bathroom. I'm halfway there and she can hear me coming and says, "Mommy no!" I turn the corner and this is what I see; my almost 3 year old standing between the toilet and the sink holding the soap in her hands. Upon closer examination, the soap is wet, so are her hands, face and legs. There is foam-ish suds on her cheeks. I grab the soap from her and throw it in the sink. I peek in the toilet and see that she didn't go, but the water is cloudy. She obviously was dipping the bar of soap in the potty. I wipe her hands and her face. She must have actually tried to go, cause her underwear are on the floor. I put them back on her. And as I rinse the soap I start explaining to her what she did wrong (she already knows though, you can tell by the look on her face). I start to set the soap back in the soap dish and notice the corner is gone. Looking closer, I see that there are tiny teeth marks. The next conversation goes like this;
Me: Piper, did you eat the soap?
Piper: No.
Me: Then why are there teeth marks on it?
Piper: Cause I ate it.
So I take her into the livingroom and put her on the naughty spot for lying, eating the soap and putting her hand in the potty (all things she has been told she shouldn't do, well I don't know that we've ever told her not to eat the soap, but we've told her not to touch it unless we're there). For the next 3 minutes, while she's on the naughty spot, she yells at the top of her lungs "Shut up." So, when the 3 minutes is up, I tell her why she was on there and ask her to appologize, she does. Then I tell her she's going to sit back down for 3 more minutes because she told Mommy to shut up.

Now remember, before the whole potty incident, she was eating lunch. So after the naughty spot I tell her to go finish her lunch. It's now 4:48. Her lunch still is not gone. In the last 48 minutes I have told her to use her fork, to sit up, and to just eat countless times. I've told her to stop trying to drink her dressing. I've told her to stop playing with her sippy cup (which is empty). I've told her to stop watching tv. I've told her to stop running around her table and to sit down and eat.

I'm starting to think that napping after lunch is not such a good idea. She just takes longer to eat on purpose, cause she knows the nap is coming and doesn't want to nap.

Anyone want a kid who's 2 going on 16? At least you won't ever have to wash her mouth out with soap, she'll do that herself!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Casey just doesn't stop smiling now. And I can't resist pulling out the camera all the time and snapping photos. I really don't remember Piper smiling this often at this age. And his smile is so infectious!

Playing with the burst mode on the camera

2 Crazy Kids
Smiles all around!

If you turn up the volume, you can hear one of his little noises at the end.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday! We started the morning with Piper climbing in bed with us. She actually forgot to check to see if the Easter Bunny had come. He did! We all got up and checked out what the bunny left for us. Casey got a few books, some Oscar the Grouch socks and a little stuffed chick. Piper got a Care Bear dressed like a bunny, some M&Ms, a little wind-up flipping Kangaroo, a pin-wheel, a daisy plant kit, a bath toy net, and a few Sesame Street things; a book, a kite, stickers and tatoos. She LOVES her kangaroo and is constantly asking us to wind it up for her. And after her bath she got to put one of her tattoos on. Then we headed over to Mama and Bapa's. Soon after we got there, Piper got to hunt for Easter eggs. She even helped Casey find his! After she found all 32 of the eggs, we all went inside so she could check out her loot. She got lots of juicys, money and notes that lead to other places in the house where bigger presents were hidden. We enjoyed a delicious dinner and desserts. After dessert we had to head home so that Mommy could head off to work Fantasmic!
Look at what the bunny brought us!
This is my tattoo!
Egg hunting!
Hmm where are they?
I got one!
Oh there it is!
Checking out her loot!
Family Photo
Smiley Little Guy
Testing out the new goggles!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Picture People

Here's the scans of the Spring pictures we had taken last night.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Spring Fun!

Her first face painting at the cast member Spring Fling this past Saturday
She wanted to be a kitty (she constantly pretends that she is one, so this really was the perfect one for her)
Future Football Star and he knows what team to root for!
This evening we took the kids to meet the Easter Bunny... we also had a free coupon for Picture People, so we took some Spring photos, I'll scan and post those tomorrow!