Monday, September 28, 2009

Visiting Animal Kingdom

Yesterday Mommy was helping out Koda at the Animal Kingdom for what was probably the last time for a very long time. So Daddy brought Piper and Casey to see Koda. It wasn't very busy when they saw Koda by himself, so they got to play with him for a little bit! They also lucked out and Mommy and Daddy's good friend Dena was helping out Mickey! Here are some pictures of their visit!

Casey also hit 2 milestones yesterday! His second tooth popped through(right in the front next to the other one). He also started clapping by hiself. Videos of that to come soon!

Tunnel and Light the Night

Saturday we finally sold the futon and were able to head over to IKEA and pick up a few things to rearrange the livingroom. We got a small "end table" that separates our couch and makes the room feel so much bigger. We also got a small-ish bookshelf for behind the couch for more storage. While we were there, we saw a tunnel that we thought the kids would love... especially Casey seeing how active he is. We were right, they both LOVE it!

Saturday was also Light the Night, a walk to benefit The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We had a great time participating in the events before the walk and also during the walk. Team Beat it raised over $600 this year. Next year we are setting our sights high and hoping to meet a goal of $5000. We are planning to do one fundraiser per month until the event! Again, Thank You to everyone who donated to my team!
Team Beat it '09;(L to R) Carolyn, Piper, Casey, Kristie and Lizz
"Family" Photo (Daddy couldn't make it)
Team Captains; Kristie and Lizz
Light the Night!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Casey is 8 Months Old!

Today is Casey's 8 month birthday! He's learning so many new things everyday. He's pretty much mastered sitting on his own now. Every now and then he'll topple over, but is very good at catching himself. He can get from crawling to his knees to sitting to pulling up on something and back again so easily now. He's constantly pulling up and standing using something to hold onto. He takes one arm off a lot and has dared to take both off a few times, but immediately fell over each time. He still adores his sister and smiles if she even looks at him. He's starting to recognize the camera and smiles when he sees it pointed at him. He's learned to wave hi, but it's really his whole arm and it's very frantic right now. He still hasn't said any other words, but he has the "h" sound down pat, and we're expecting "hi" to come out anytime now. He loves his exersaucer and spends a bit of time in there everyday. He's such a Mommy's boy and wants to be with Mommy all the time. His tooth is most of the way out now, you can see it if you look close in some of the pictures. We're expecting his other front bottom tooth to pop through any day now. He's got a bit of baby acne right now, which is really not cool and not cute either. We're hoping it will clear up quickly. I think that's all in the world of Casey! Enjoy the photos and video clip!

PS Casey was so excited to find out that his Godmommy, is going to have a beautiful baby girl! YAY AUNT JEN (and Uncle Tom too :) )

A Few Randoms

It's been quite a while since a post and I apologize for that, but I don't feel like there's really been much that's warranted its own post. So here are a few random pics (and a video clip) from the past few weeks.

Story: Piper was watching TV one night and fell asleep on her cushion. Casey decided that this was just not right, so he crawled over to investigate.
I'm not doing anything!
In this last picture he was "yelling" at her
Walked into the playroom to find him sitting on Piper's bike, we have no clue how he got up there on his own!
Mommy and the kiddos went with Bapa to Blizzard Beach for the morning yesterday, this is Piper on the "big girl" slide.

Casey loves jarred bananas. We had some fresh bananas and it was his lunch time, so I grabbed a spoon peeled the banana a bit and used the spoon to scrape off some for him. Apparantly jarred and fresh just are not the same.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Over the past 2 weeks I have done 3 cakes for friends. I'm so proud with how all of them came out. There are so many pictures that I decided to make a slideshow to show you, otherwise it would take me all day to do one blog entry. So the first cake was for a friend for her parent's 30th Wedding Anniversary and Vow Renewal. I did a modern replica of their original wedding cake. It was my first time doing gum paste roses and also my first tiered cake. I think I did pretty good! The second cake was for a friend's daughter; for her second birthday. She said to me, "Do whatever you want, Livi is a girly-girl, you have a daughter, you know what little girls like." So I made a garden for Livi and I LOVE the way it turned out. The last cake was for a friend's birthday. She wanted the cake to match her dress. I'm really happy with how it came out despite some problems I had with it along the way.

In other news, Casey got his first tooth (bottom right) last Thursday (9/3). I haven't been able to get any pictures of it cause it's not really visible when he smiles yet.