Friday, September 03, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posts, that's all, no explaination, just sorry for the lack of posts. We now have a new blog that we think you'll enjoy;

Piper's Blog

It's a blog all about Piper in school. I'll be scanning in or taking pictures of all her school work and posting them on this site. As well as keeping you up to date on any other cool things she does at school! Enjoy!


Mary Jo said...

will you still be posting Casey updates on here, along with pics of the 2 of them?

Anonymous said...

I did write a comment on your new blog but it won't go on to you. Don't have any of those things that were mentioned so maybe you have some idea how I can write to you.


Kristie said...

I'm not sure why the comment wouldn't go through, sometimes blogger is a bit touchy (that's why it always takes so long for me to update). You can always try again or feel free to email me!

I'll try to put up a few new pics of the kids from the past few oths on this site

DL3 said...

Anonymous said...

Family happy,love best forever.

Unknown said...

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