Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Past Few Months...

4th of July

He's so cute! One of Mommy's favorite pics!

This is why we don't let him feed himself

Picnic in the livingroom!

it looks like he fell asleep sitting up and then just fell over!

They love each other!

so sleepy he fell asleep in his highchair, cracker still in hand
This is what happens when you leave him alone for 2 seconds

Morning cartoon time!

Mommy-Casey quality time while Sissy is at school!

Friday, September 03, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posts, that's all, no explaination, just sorry for the lack of posts. We now have a new blog that we think you'll enjoy;

Piper's Blog

It's a blog all about Piper in school. I'll be scanning in or taking pictures of all her school work and posting them on this site. As well as keeping you up to date on any other cool things she does at school! Enjoy!